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Elasticsearch Part 2 – NEST Client

Below is an application written in ASP.Net MVC using NEST library and ingest-attachment plugin. Application uploads file to filesystem and index it on elasticsearch. Then using search query it finds the searched text into indexed documents and access the file for download.

NEST is a high-level Elasticsearch client for .NET. It can be installed from the Package Manager Console inside Visual Studio using

InstallPackage NEST

or we can install it from Nuget Package manager like below:

On previous post we installed ingest-attachment for indexing documents in elasticsearch. Now we will see this. First How we use a client in our code?

Shards and replicas are important. If we want to set these count we need and indexSettings:

we can take advantage of a feature within NEST known as automapping to simplify this mapping further; Automapping will infer the document mapping to send to Elasticsearch based on the types of the properties on the POCO

you can look the mapping with GetMapping<>() like this

now lets create a pipeline

to create a document class for indexing

for indexing we will use client.index

to creating a search query with highlights I used fast vector highligter as below

for take highlihts you can see include response Hits


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